Hospitality Carpet carpet change

church carpet rendering

Selecting the Right Church Carpet

A comprehensive guide on selecting the perfect church carpet, emphasizing the importance of color, material, and pattern choices in enhancing the worship experience

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Hospitality Carpet Constructions

Use this document to help you understand some of the different types of carpet available for hotel, motel and other hospitality oriented installations.

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Carpet Fiber: Polyester & Nylon

Since 2008, there has been an escalation in worldwide raw material costs that has widened the spread between nylon and polyester as a fiber for carpet.

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eco-friendly carpet

Being Green: Eco-Friendly Carpet

One of the most unknown and overlooked markets that continues to lead the way of sustainability, environmental initiatives, and eco-friendly gains is the commercial carpet industry.

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Commercial Carpet for Businesses

There is nothing more disruptive to a business than having to tear up the carpet and replace it every few years because the carpet is simply not holding up.

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Sustainable Hospitality Hotel Carpet

Sustainable Hospitality Carpet!

One of the most aggressive systems in place to reclaim some of this carpet waste is a system where the discarded nylon carpet is depolymerized and returned to the manufacturing process.

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