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SPG 8027 A

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SPG 8027

SPG 8027 offers you a unique top notch commercial carpet that has amazing abilities that will impress any person who steps foot in your hotel/motel setting. Enjoy the compliments SPG 8027 will bring you for the years to come. Call us today for a quick and easy quote.


Product Specs:

Yards Available: 3,000 sq. yds.

Price: $10.99

Tufted Yarn Weight: 32 oz.

Width: 12′


Available Yardage: 3000

Price: $10.99 /sq. yd.


SPG 8027

SPG 8027

SPG 8027

Carpet should be installed and maintained in accordance with the Carpet and Rug Institute's standard CRI-104. Carpet should be installed over manufacturer's recommended pad.

All Specifications subject to normal manufacturing tolerance.

Please Note: Due to variation in display devices colors may vary from actual product color.

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