Cut Pile Tufting MachineCarpet for the hospitality industry is oftentimes manufactured differently than other types of carpet and rugs because of their application. Use this document to help you understand some of the different types of carpet available for hotel, motel and other hospitality oriented installations.

Cut Pile Graphics – Construction is 1/10 gauge and Cut Pile means that the carpet tufts have a smooth cut tip finish.  The carpet pattern is created by a computer controlled tufting machine that shifts the position of the needle to correct position for each color.

PCU Graphics or Precision Cut/Uncut Graphics – Construction is 1/8 gauge and is similar to the cut pile. This construction process gives the carpet a varied texture. This texture is created by combining cut yarns and loop yarn tufts.

Corridor Carpets – 1/10 gauge constructions, this hospitality carpet is tufted for density and is heavy weight for durability in high traffic areas such as corridors.

Enhanced Loop Graphics – Construction is 1/10 gauge from a computer controlled tufting machines. This carpet is constructed of  100% loop tufts. The loops are also tufted at different pile heights to create a textured graphic pattern.

MLCL or Multi Level Cut & Loop – Construction is 1/10 gauge.  This carpet has a three dimensional look that is achieved by programming multi level cut patterns and textured loop patterns to be tufted simultaneously. This combination provides great pattern versatility.

CYP Graphics or Computer Yarn Placement – “Computer Yarn Placement” carpet constructions are complex and often used in high end installations. The  large scale pattern capability of this unique technology can be duplicated conventionally only by “printing” wet dye patterns onto white carpet. Instead, CYP technology creates beautiful patterns  by tufting solution dyed nylons yarns directly and permanently into the carpet.