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LVT Hospitality / Hotel / Motel Flooring Deals

Luxury Vinyl vs. Hardwood Flooring Hotel / Motel

The Flooring techonology has finally caught up with the times and provides a very smart solution to many perils faced with owning or managing hospitality , high traffic commercial buildings and locations. Spend less time recovering high traffic area space and more time earning money in it!

There are many benefits to using LVT in hotels/ motel and hospitality environments when it comes to durability and long-term costs on replacement and overall ease of maintenance.

LVT allows operators to avoid the more frequent replacement and maintenance costs of carpet, ceramic tile and hardwood alternatives.

So lets do the math here on LVT Flooring in a hospitality environment:

LVT Can save on water consumption:

Savings on water consumption and less chemicals needed for your housekeeping and maintenance crews.

LVT Flooring is ECO FRIENDLY –

A much more environment and Eco-friendly solution as well for reducing chemical contamination in ground water.

Messy guests cleanups can be quicker with not dealing with the pesky hotel guest who decided to have a pizza face plant into your carpet.

Typically can be installed faster:

Resilient core floors install much more rapidly for contractors and carpenters and in many cases make a 100% waterproof barrier with antimicrobial features. Get your hotel rooms back up and earning back money faster after having renovations done.

LVT Features Beautiful and Natural Looks:

Beauty and mimicking natural aesthetics like stone and other hardwoods put the price to be reasonable for the fanciest of flooring options.

Extra ongoing maintenance is reduced with LVT Flooring:

You really do not need to use expensive chemicals like strippers, sealers, revarnishings, sandings and wax based solutions. You don’t need to seal an LVT floor either.

Natural wood , stone or ceramic tiles are some of the options in LVT.

LVT can dramatically reduce noise :

Reduces sound and provides a good sound proof barier when coupled with noise abating sub flooring padding. Lets face it, if anyone has stayed below another hotel room, they’ve probably heard the rambunctious 4 year old above them, couple fighting or some other bump in the night noise created by a rude guest. The front desk gets the call and has to deal with it. LVT should help you in this scenario to a certain degree and reduce noise and calls to the front desk at 3am.

Long lasting durability for high traffic areas:

Luxury Vinyl Flooring wears much better to other options over time. This can be one of the greatest benefits from not having to deal with as many rejuvenation cycles that can be a costly expense for a hospitality property owner!

According to the Wall Street Journal in an article titled: “Is Hilton beating Marriott at the hardwood floors game?”

They debated about how the popular hotel chain is looking into the new LVT or LVP hard flooring option as its easier to clean and does provide a better sound dampener for their clients staying in peaceful situations.

The other note to add is that in installing this new scratch resistant flooring technology to their hotel rooms they are also able to utilize things like area rugs and other floor coverings to help dampen sound , where the option wasn’t present before.

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