Carpet Padding for Hospitality

It’s important to install a quality carpet padding with your hospitality carpet installation. A quality carpet padding can greatly enhance your carpet’s appearance and extend the life of the carpet you painstaking selected.

Carpet padding will reduce wear on your carpeting by absorbing much of the impact of footsteps and furniture. It also reduces friction and wear on the backing of your carpet, which is what holds your carpet together. While protecting your carpet, carpet padding will also protect your sub-floor by preventing spills and stains from reaching it.

Carpet padding  also provides additional insulation to help save energy and increases the comfort of your guests. The energy savings that padding provides can easily outweigh the cost of the padding.

Benefits of Installing Carpet Padding

  • Carpet padding adds longevity to carpet installations
  • Carpet padding adds additional visual appear to carpet
  • Carpet padding improves the thermal insulation properties of floor covering
  • Carpet padding can significantly improve a carpet’s acoustical properties
  • Carpet padding can reduce the impact exerted on floor covering by one-half

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