Carpet Cove Base for Hospitality

A great alternative to wood and vinyl baseboards is carpet cove base. Carpet cove base works really well in most any hospitality or commercial installation including hotels and public buildings. Carpet cove base is a perfect match every time because its made from the same carpet that covers the floor.

Our carpet cove base in manufactured to our specification in our own facility to reduce the cost for you on a product that will already save you money over traditional wood or vinyl installations.

We also manufacture a self adhesive carpet cove base for easier installation.

Carpet Cove Base Features

  • Easy to  install by you or your  carpet installer.
  • Perfect match with the carpet on the floor as its manufactured from the same carpet.
  • It’s durable.  Carpet cove base will last as long as you keep your carpet.
  • Carpet cove base is a higher value than wood and vinyl products.
  • We will produce your cove base to most any size you want. The standard sizes are 4″, 5″, and 6″.

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Carpet Cove Base