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Carpet Tiles

 Why use Carpet Tiles in your commercial / hotel / hospitality setting for your flooring choice?

Save on Carpet Tile for hotel restaurant commercial carpeting flooring

Save on Carpet Tile for hotel restaurant commercial carpeting flooring

Hospitality industry management and owners can save money by keeping the carpet looking fresh and new looking . Carpet tile is good for absorbing noise as well to keep echos and soundproofing needs to a better place.

When a messy guest or patron does something that creates a nasty mess, it can be cleaned or replaced. Carpet tile makes it where you don’t have to remove the entire area and room whenever it gets heavily stained or damaged. As a soft flooring option, hoteliers or restaurant owners can lay down larger rolls of  broadloom carpeting or smaller carpet tiles. A Broadloom carpet installation may typically include a padding or sub floor component that is glued to both the floor & the carpet itself . The installation overall can save money on a tight budget using carpet tiles because traditionally there aren’t extras needed with it .

 Carpet tiles also can be easily removed replaced as they wear down over time. Its best to assess over time what will be your best fit. We carry a large selection of beautiful carpet tile patterns and we have flooring experts standing by if you need any assistance in finding what you need. 
Please see our selection of hotel / motel / hospitality carpet tile options below.







Installation of this type of flooring can be easier than some of the other applications & replacing the tiles can save your business money over time.

Do carpet tiles require a subflooring need and does the surface of the floor need  any special preparation  before carpet tiles can be installed?

Carpet tiles have a special backing where carpet underlay is not always required. Your floor should be clean and dry and also a level surface. So if there is any glue or any other blemishes from prior flooring, you will want to make sure that is taken off properly.

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