Many people don’t place enough emphasis on looking at carpet properties when selecting the new carpet for their hotel or business. There are certain factors in the construction of carpet that are very important to know. Buyers should read the carpet specifications, and become familiar with the different properties of carpets, to make a wise decision in the selection. Carpets come in many different colors, styles, textures and fibers, and there are many different qualities to choose from as well. Choices that often top the list for most buyers are style, color, and cost. However, carpet ounce, type of fiber, and wear-resistance are also important to keep in mind.

Different carpet styles work best in different situations. Some carpet styles are designed for active use; while other styles work better in formal rooms that have less active use. Consider the area and amount of wear it will receive. Corridors, lobbies, and stairs will receive more wear and general soiling than rooms, banquet areas, and offices. This is where wear-resistance and the ounce of the carpet will become a factor. A larger ounce carpet will endure better in those high traffic areas. Add this to a carpet with higher wear- resistance rating and longevity will be added to the carpet life.

Cost is always a factor for most Buyers. While determining the cost you should also consider the fiber of the carpet. Often these two factors go hand in hand. The two main fibers used in hospitality carpet are Nylon and Olefin. Nylon is the most commonly used fiber in carpet today because it is the strongest fiber on the market. Thus, it stands up to high traffic better and lasts longer. However, the cost of Nylon is typically more expensive than that of Olefin. Olefin on the other hand is a weaker fiber and crushes much quicker. This often leads to the buyer having to replace the carpet sooner.

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