Healthcare Flooring/CarpetWe are proud to announce that we are bringing focus to our flooring products that are designed specifically for the healthcare industry. Healthcare carpet has specific requirements because healthcare facilities such as senior living centers, nursing homes, assisted living facilities have specific needs. As with all of flooring products, we intend to offer the best price and highest service.

Here are some basic benefits of using carpet in healthcare environments:

  • Healing – Healing is the most important function of a healthcare facility.  Carpet can be part of an environment that promotes healing.
  • Comfort – Carpet adds to the comfort level of any room such as public spaces, hallways, patient rooms and living quarters.
  • Function – Carpet provides function that hard services cannot such as echo reduction and glare reduction.

Take a look at the healthcare flooring products that we offer. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your application needs.

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