Hotel DesignHotel specifiers and designers are thinking more about budget these days. Hotel design trends come and go, but the trend of keeping hotel project construction and design budgets realistic will be with us for some time to come. Designing on a budget is not so much a trend, but an overall plan that will ultimately serve the property.

Buying hotel carpet factory direct should be part of the strategy of keeping a design budget within the limits. If you are buying carpet off of a showroom floor, chances are you are paying twice as much as you should be.

Chris Crowell recently wrote for HotelWorld Network:

Sandy Blake, principal for Blake Designs, prides herself on guiding every project in on the budget she presents to an owner or developer.

“Most designers get lavish stuff and always go over budget and then engineer it to get [the cost] down,” Blake says. “And sometimes you lose the whole look if you can’t supply what you originally designed.” In 40 years, she’s never gone over budget.

For Blake, staying on budget starts with the initial plan of any design. A true budget needs to be established that figures in accurate numbers for each expense.

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Practical tips to consider when designing a hotel on a budget:

  • You are better off paying for quality carpet
  • Don’t buy your fabrics and carpet off a showroom floor
  • Polyester fabric is cheaper than cotton and looks better longer
  • Hardwood flooring is not a practical idea for hotels and motels
  • Running lines carpet designs and patterns are less expensive that custom designs

One of Dalton Hospitality Carpet Mills primary goals is to help designers and specifiers stay on budget by offering a wide selection of quality carpet and the best possible mill direct price.

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