BEING GREEN is not just Kermit the frog’s theme song any more. Eco friendly has become much more than a passing fad. It has become woven into the fabric of our very society. Green tips and ideas are being voiced everywhere we turn. So are you using materials that have been recycled? Are you recycling the materials you are currently using? Just a little research into the GO GREEN movement can make a big difference in your business’ carbon foot print.

Perhaps one of the most unknown and overlooked markets that continues to lead the way of sustainability, environmental initiatives, and eco friendly gains is the Commercial Carpet Industry. Unless someone is a commercial architect, interior design professional, facility owner, or general contractor most people never think about the carpet in the hotel, office, school, courthouse, or basketball arena that they walk on nearly every day. Fortunately, thanks to several very dedicated commercial flooring manufacturers, The Commercial Carpet Industry is one of the leading industries in the United States for advancing environmental change and improvements in the green movement. These manufacturer’s produce an array of different types and styles of eco carpets. In fact green carpet is in abundance from the carpet tufted from recycled materials to natural carpets such as cotton and wool.

It seems like everyone in the Commercial Carpet Industry is green these days. Kermit the Frog would be so proud. Marketing brochures are using lots of green photos of trees and nature motifs to make us feel green, and it seems like every Sales Rep is pushing a green product. So how does one navigate through the green wash to find the eco friendly products and expertise needed for a project. Time in the industry can be key because sustainable products perform for long periods of time, and the only way to know requires experience in the market. Look for Manufacturers and Retail Companies that have invested years in the industry. These Companies have the knowledge of what products are eco friendly produced and has sufficient sustainable life to meet the consumers needs.

As a Consumer, going green is easy when its time to carpet that next project. With a little research, and a Commercial Carpet Rep with some experience, the Green Carpet that meets your projects needs is just around the corner.

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